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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep us focused on physical distancing, it’s often difficult to perceive anything good from its existence. But, a few silver linings have emerged. As our world is changing, possibly forever, people are finding new and creative ways to stay in touch, remain healthy and keep occupied. We’re rediscovering what’s really important in life, stepping away from the daily grind, and reaching out more frequently to loved ones and strangers alike – albeit from a safe distance. 


While our regular routines of socializing with friends, going to the gym and enjoying lunch breaks with coworkers are on hold, we’re now presented with the opportunity to undertake some new, less traditional activities all from the comfort of our home – the foundation of which has taken on a whole new meaning. 


Working from home tips

If you’re fortunate to still be working, make sure you take a few breaks during the day, just as you would at the office. 


Here are some ideas to help you maintain a healthy schedule during your workday:

  • Plan regular video chats with friends and colleagues to see how they’re doing while sharing a virtual cup of coffee
  • Call your neighbours and organize a daily conversation over the fence at a safe distance
  • During your lunch hour, why not take advantage of the many exercise apps that are available or wipe the dust off your all-but-forgotten exercise equipment to stimulate both your mind and body? Join a Facebook or WhatsApp group to help stay connected and motivated, or participate in any number of online exercise challenges to incite your competitive spirit


Keeping family spirits high

If you have children at home, regardless of their age, be sure to engage in fun family activities. If you haven’t already, start planning and cooking meals together, search online for crafts or DIY projects, get the board games out after dinner, put a puzzle on the table or download a few brain teaser apps to stay sharp.


DIY anyone? 

This is also an ideal time to work on home improvement projects that you’ve been meaning to undertake but never had time to complete. There’s no excuse now, so get to work! Clean out your kitchen drawers, organize your office, do some painting, wash the outdoor furniture or tidy up the garage. Make a list of ‘To Dos’ and cross them off when you’re done for a rewarding sense of accomplishment. 


Downtime is important

And make sure to fit in some constructive downtime. The endless news reports and the reality of our new normal can be discouraging, so it’s important to stay positive and focused to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Download a meditation app, find a quiet place in the house and just breathe. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to start or keep a journal of how you’re feeling during this unprecedented time and make note of daily affirmations. A positive mindset will help alleviate the negative weight of the world as we currently know it and help prepare us for what lies ahead, regardless of how that looks.


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