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Should You Renew Your Mortgage Early?

Every time your mortgage renewal date is approaching – every five years, on average,  depending on your specific term – it’s important to get your mortgage agent negotiating on your behalf. You should start the process 3-4 months in advance to give ample time to get...

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Beware: Mortgage Fraud is on the Rise

A recent Equifax survey of Canadian consumers shows 40% feel that mortgage fraud is a growing problem. Even more unsettling is that 9% admit to not having been entirely truthful on their loan applications, and a similar number believe it’s acceptable to falsely report...

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Are Interest Rate Hikes on the Horizon?

Since the global pandemic reached our shores, the Bank of Canada cut its overnight target interest rate in a number of unscheduled announcements, finally settling on the record low 0.25%. Understandably, these reductions were implemented in an effort to help offset...

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Budget 2021 Reveals Little Change to Housing

Labelled one of the most widely anticipated and important budgets of our time, Budget 2021, delivered on April 19th, lived up to its promise. The first budget in over two years and first since the outbreak of the global pandemic, Budget 2021: A Recovery Plan for Jobs,...

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Pros & Cons of Reverse Mortgages

Canadians are living longer and changing our society in significant ways. Expected to grow by 68% in the next 15 years, this surging demographic is heavily influenced by aging baby boomers, advances in modern medicine, healthier lifestyles, and an increased resilience...

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Mark Your Calendar for Key Dates in Q2 & Beyond

Life has become increasingly complicated. As we navigate rotating shutdowns, on-again/off-again restrictions and dramatic changes to our daily routines, the possibility of missing important dates and deadlines is very real, as one day can often roll into the next...

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Canadian Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2021

An entire year has passed since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic – and what a year it has been! Faced with uncertainty and unchartered territory, we obeyed public health officials, donned our masks, social distanced, hunkered down and...

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