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Five Popular Debt Myths Dispelled

We’re capable of convincing ourselves of pretty much anything, especially concerning our personal spending habits and debt levels.    When we start spending beyond our means, there are many short-term things we can do that will help put a band-aid on our debt...

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The Canadian Real Estate Market is Hot!

The Canadian real estate market was in good shape heading into 2020, but the busy spring season was delayed a bit thanks to COVID-19. The good news is that it has come back white hot, breaking records throughout the summer and showing no signs of slowing down anytime...

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How Much Do You Need to Save for a Down Payment?

If you’re thinking of buying your very first home, one of your biggest concerns is likely centred around how much money you need to have set aside for your down payment. And this can, no doubt, seem extra nerve-wracking when you haven’t yet done the math. The minimum...

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What are Your Mortgage Renewal Options?

When you took out your current mortgage, you were required to make a number of key decisions, such as the type of rate you wanted – fixed or variable – the amortization period, whether it was open or closed as well as what term you wanted.    A mortgage term...

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