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CFO/ Co-Founder/ Mortgage Broker

Glenn MacLaren is a lending industry expert with over 30 years of experience in helping people make their homeownership dreams come true, whether it is their first, second or fourteenth home, by caring about people and exceeding their expectations.
He is a passionate mortgage broker who tailors his approach for each individual client because he knows and respects that everyone has different financial goals. Glenn loves catering a mortgage plan that best suits clients’ current and future needs. As he says, “A rate is just a rate. The art of this profession lands in the details, making a connection and personalizing the client experience.”
When he is taking a break from being a professional, Glenn lives for adventure. Whether getting lost in the woods with a map and a compass, jumping on his mountain bike to hit the trails or playing Monopoly with his family at the cottage, it’s all an adventure for him.

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