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Confidence, too. And the confidence that comes with having the numbers on your side starts with having the right people on your side. People who speak numbers, speak your language and whose reputations speak for themselves. People who understand your goals and work with you to meet them. People like you. For trusted financial advice and service that makes you feel like you belong. 

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We believe that our responsibility as mortgage experts goes well beyond simply arranging your mortgage financing. Our job is to ensure that you feel confident in the mortgage process and make decisions that best suit your needs.


In order for you to feel confident about the mortgage process and make the best decisions for your tribe, you have to feel at ease and be able to ask questions. We stay in touch with you throughout the entire process, provide information up front, but also make ourselves available whenever you need us! 

Best Mortgage Products

Being a part of the tribe has advantages. Access to the best lender products available anywhere in Canada is one of them. We use our extensive corporate networks to ensure you get the best mortgage product. It pays to belong. 


Here are a few of the lenders we have developed excellent relationships with, let’s figure out which one has the best products to offer you!

What’s a Mortgage Payment Deferral?

What’s a Mortgage Payment Deferral?

It’s a harsh reality that COVID-19 has left many people facing significant financial hardship. In an effort to alleviate some of this burden, the government is working at all levels to provide relief measures to assist those who are most vulnerable.    Many...

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Financial Relief Measures in the Wake of COVID-19

Financial Relief Measures in the Wake of COVID-19

Over the past few weeks, the world as we know it has been changing at a rapid pace. Phrases like ‘self-isolation’, ‘social distancing’ and ‘flattening the curve’ have become a part of our daily lingo. We’re being asked to stay home, schools and attractions are closed,...

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Why Your Mortgage Term Matters

Why Your Mortgage Term Matters

Choosing the mortgage term that’s right for you can be challenging for even the savviest of homebuyers, as terms typically range from six months up to 10 years.    By understanding mortgage terms, you can save the most money and choose the term that’s best suited...

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