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Sandeep Lotay

Mortgage Agent – Level 1

Sandeep is an experienced mortgage agent who helps her clients navigate the complex world of home financing. With a passion for helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership, Sandeep has built a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and guidance to clients at all stages of the mortgage process.

Sandeep’s strong background in the social work field combined with her financial experience, has helped her develop excellent interpersonal skills and a deep understanding of how to work with clients of a diverse backgrounds with different needs.  Whether it’s helping a first-time homebuyer navigate the complex world of home financing or guiding a client through the refinancing process. Sandeep has a knack for building strong relationships with clients and providing personalized guidance that meets their unique needs.

In her free time, Sandeep enjoys spending time and traveling with her husband and two beautiful boys.