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Let’s face it, everyone could use a little more time in the day. Between work, play, kids, family, vacations, saving money, keeping up the yard, and thinking of creative ways to become mortgage free faster… who has time to binge watch new seasons on Netflix? (But my guess is you still find the time for that).

Instead of trying to find more time in the day… why not make better use of the time you already have?

Enter Chris Bailey. He will show you how!

After graduating university, Chris dedicated a year of his life to the pursuit of productivity. He carried out several experiments and blogged about his journey at “A Year of Productivity”. He was so successful that he was able to turn the year into a career and now speaks and consults full time on productivity. He is currently writing a book that should be released in the new year!

Here is an intro video from his website and a list of some of his most popular experiments and articles from his site. Enjoy!

You can find out more about Chris at alifeofproductivity.com or by checking out any of the list items below. Also, if you like this list, please consider sharing this post! Sharing is always appreciated!