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We live in a very public forum these days. There truly is no such thing as enjoying a private life if you’re on social media. What you post on your social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc – can cast you in a negative light if certain details about you are revealed to the wrong person.


Getting approved for a mortgage is serious business, so you should count on lenders Googling you before approval looking for any red flags of higher-risk activities that could indicate you’re not a secure investment. You never want to leave yourself open to interpretation like this. 


Be careful

The only way to protect yourself is to avoid posting anything you wouldn’t want your mother or grandmother to see. Before you post anything, ask yourself if the information will make you look good to someone – like a lender – who doesn’t know you.


It’s wise, for instance, not to talk about drug use – even though marijuana is legal. Whether it’s legal is irrelevant, especially if you talk about growing marijuana plants. Grow ops have proven to be a serious funding disaster for lenders.


Also avoid bragging about large expenses, such as vehicle purchases, or being fired/quitting your job. These actions could definitely be worrisome to lenders who need to ensure you can always pay your mortgage on time.


Risk doesn’t stop at approval

It’s important to understand that a lender can still revisit your details between the time you receive an approval and your closing date, and could pull the deal if they feel uneasy about anything they’ve learned about you online!


Do you have kids? This is a great topic to discuss with them, as they’ll be in the market for their first home in the coming years. 


Have questions about how to safeguard yourself leading up to approval and funding, or your mortgage needs in general? Answers are just a call or email away!